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Marriage. Parenthood. Relationships. Family. All parts of day-to-day life, all things easily failed. The hosts of Why Did We Ever Meet, Ashley & Wes Allen, know these things and are willing to share their failures with you.
Why Did We Ever Meet gives you a candid look into "The Allen Club", a family you may already be familiar with due to their involvement in independent film, podcasts, etc. Join them each week (with plenty of interruptions by kids & pets) to find out what blew up in the Allen House & laugh along with them...and at their expense!

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  • Rob Pennington (By The Grace Of God, Endpoint, Black Cross)

    June 16th, 2021  |  1 hr 29 mins
    episode 73, family, rob pennington, why did we ever meet

    Such an awesome guest this week! Rob Pennington is well known to so many punk rock and hardcore kids from the mid 90's to the early 00's. This is a wonderful conversation with an even more wonderful human being. You're all gonna love this one!

  • 15 Years And All I Got Was A Lousy Hike!

    June 9th, 2021  |  1 hr 57 secs
    15th anniversary, episode 72, family, why did we ever meet

    Mom & Dad celebrated 15 years of marriage last week. So, we share some of the things we've learned after being together for nearly 20 years. Life, relationships, having a family...this shit is hard. Do life with someone who makes you laugh.

  • Adam Marino (Saetia, Errortype:11, Instruction, God Fires Man, Attempt Survivors)

    June 2nd, 2021  |  1 hr 31 mins
    adam marino, attempt survivors, episode 71, errortype:11, family, god fires man, instruction, saetia, why did we ever meet

    This week's guest totes quite a resume of influential bands. As a member of Saetia & Errortype:11, you'd think that's enough to cement a legacy. Add Instruction & God Fires Man to the mix... you've got someone with stories to tell. Adam Marino had an incredible journey through music.

  • Leave Daniel Bryan Out Of This

    May 26th, 2021  |  1 hr 8 mins
    allen club, episode 70, family, why did we ever meet

    Absolute madness in the Allen house results in THIS EPISODE!!! From the start, we're off course and trying to save this plane from careening into the side of a mountain...do we pull it off? Guess you'll have to listen and find out.

  • Joseph Grillo (Garrison, Gay For Johnny Depp, Her Head's On Fire, The Judas Knife)

    May 19th, 2021  |  1 hr 27 mins
    episode 69, family, why did we ever meet

    This week's episode is a special one as it's someone from Wes's past! Joseph Grillo has been a fixture in post-hardcore/emo/punk rock for several years. His band Garrison left an indelible mark on the emo wave of the late 90's-early 00's through a series of incredible releases and their own distinct sound.

  • Always Tired

    May 12th, 2021  |  43 mins 25 secs
    episode 68, family, why did we ever meet

    No 2 ways about it. This weekend was doozy! What started out as a gas leak detected in front of the house ended in eating pizza 3 days in a row. That doesn't make sense in writing, but it will when you listen. Hope you're all hanging in there & loving yourselves!

  • A Worthy Struggle

    May 5th, 2021  |  1 hr 16 mins
    allen club, episode 67, family, why did we ever meet

    Mom & Dad are back in the saddle again. As life continues to whiz by, they try to make sense of it all. We talk about the toll the pandemic has taken on kids, fighting with mental health & how a cartoon helped Wes realize some things he needed to fix in his relationship with his family.

  • Marty DeRosa & Sarah Shockey (Marty & Sarah Love Wrestling Podcast)

    April 28th, 2021  |  1 hr 51 mins
    episode 66, family, marty and sarah, why did we ever meet

    HEEEEY BUDDIES!!!! We've got a WONDERFUL episode because we have WONDERFUL guests. This week, you get to sit in on our "catching up with friends" Zoom session where we're joined by Sarah Shockey & Marty DeRosa.

  • Jeff Caudill (Gameface, singer songwriter)

    April 21st, 2021  |  1 hr 34 mins
    episode 65, family, jeff caudill, why did we ever meet

    We've got another fun interview episode for you guys-and it's a solo Wes episode (sorry, to Ashley fans). This week, I am joined by Jeff Caudill. Many of you are familiar with him as the frontman of the massively influential band Gameface, but Jeff's musical career has been active well beyond them.

  • No Lashley For Ashley

    April 14th, 2021  |  1 hr 10 mins
    episode 64, family, why did we ever meet

    Mom & Dad are back to business this week! It's been a while since you've heard from just us, and let's be honest...we missed ya'!

  • BJ & Harmony Colangelo (This Ends At Prom Podcast)

    April 7th, 2021  |  2 hrs 39 mins
    episode 63, family, why did we ever meet

    Our guests this week are known to many as the hosts of This Ends At Prom, but in this house? They're known as Aunt BJ & Aunt Harmony. We've often mentioned one another on our respective podcasts because we're supporters of one another. But also because we truly are family!

  • Fool Me Once, Part B, Fooled You Again

    April 1st, 2021  |  2 hrs 9 mins
    april fools, family, part b, why did we ever meet

    FOOLED YOU! Daniel and Bonesaw take a trip down memory lane on this super-sized, two-part episode of Why Did We Ever Meet?! It's Part B, and we're getting drunker!

  • Fool Me Once, Part A

    April 1st, 2021  |  2 hrs 6 mins
    allen club, april fools, family, why did we ever meet

    FOOLED YOU! Daniel and Bonesaw take a trip down memory lane on this super-sized, two-part episode of Why Did We Ever Meet?!

  • Jen Joyce (TikTok Creator @knitpurl) & Lars Laing-Peterson (musician)

    March 31st, 2021  |  2 hrs 50 mins
    episode 62, family, why did we ever meet

    Our guests this week are Jen Joyce and Lars Laing-Peterson. This couple has a lot in common with your hosts: One extrovert, one not so much. Jen is known to many on TikTok as knitpurl where she's created her own special community of tattooed knitters, crocheters, and all things maker.

  • Jonah Matranga (Far, onelinedrawing, New End Original, Gratitude)

    March 24th, 2021  |  2 hrs 23 mins
    episode 61, family, why did we ever meet

    This week's guest, Jonah Matranga, is a crucial part of the emo & post-hardcore scene that shaped an entire generation of music. His band Far has an influence still being felt today. But, much like his music, there's far more to Jonah.

  • Andre Gower (The Monster Squad, Wolfman's Got Nards)

    March 17th, 2021  |  2 hrs 2 mins
    episode 60, family, why did we ever meet

    The 60th episode calls for a landmark guest...and baby, do we have a landmark guest for YOU! Andre Gower is known to SO MANY of us as Sean, leader of the gang in the cult hit The Monster Squad.