Episode 59

Vinny Malave & Moses Gibson (The Cryptic Closet)


March 10th, 2021

1 hr 59 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

What started out as a single guest episode turned into 2 guests...more bang for your buck! Vinny Malave is a name you may be familiar with. He's been a frequent guest on the PWT Cast. He's also a member of the Pro Wrestling Tees crew. But, WE know Vinny from his passion project that's become his future...The Cryptic Closet. Joined by his brother, Moses Gibson, the 2 of them have carved a unique niche in the horror and pop culture world with their left-of-the-dial designs that stand out in a sea of black t shirts. We talk about the evolution of the Cryptic Closet, what it's like to go viral, and a million other things that sidetracked us. The pandemic took all our hangout time away, so we were cramming all into one episode. If it's not clear, we love these boys like family. Go support them:

website: www.thecrypticcloset.com
Instagram: [@thecrypticcloset](www.instagram.com/thecrypticcloset)