Episode 60

Andre Gower (The Monster Squad, Wolfman's Got Nards)


March 17th, 2021

2 hrs 2 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

The 60th episode calls for a landmark guest...and baby, do we have a landmark guest for YOU! Andre Gower is known to SO MANY of us as Sean, leader of the gang in the cult hit The Monster Squad. A few years ago, the film was thought to be a "long lost gem" until fan demand willed a DVD release. The floodgates soon opened. After seeing the impact the movie had on its fanbase, Andre felt compelled to document this. This comes in the form of the documentary Wolfman's Got Nards, a documentary covering the lasting legacy of the beloved film. Our conversation covers this and much more. It's an absolute blast and SPOILER ALERT; he's every bit as wonderful as you'd guessed!

To find out where to watch Wolfman's Got Nards, visit: www.thesquaddoc.com and find it on Instagram at @thesquaddoc as well as find Andre at @andregowerofficial