Episode 61

Jonah Matranga (Far, onelinedrawing, New End Original, Gratitude)


March 24th, 2021

2 hrs 23 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

When you set up an interview like this, it always leaves you a little nervous. You worry whether they'll be receptive to the discussion. Well, as you're soon about to find out, that's not the case with our guest. This week's guest, Jonah Matranga, is a crucial part of the emo & post-hardcore scene that shaped an entire generation of music. His band Far has an influence still being felt today. But, much like his music, there's far more to Jonah. The conversation is open, beautiful, candid, and at times, emotional. When we say heavy, we mean it in the absolute best way possible. What you'll find out (if you didn't already know) is that Jonah is a beautiful and gifted performer and music is his tool by which he does so. We're incredibly proud of this episode and we feel certain you'll love it.
Jonah's latest album, PSONGS, is available now. To find out more, visit: www.jonahmatranga.com OR find him on instagram & twitter at @jonahmatranga