Episode 62

Jen Joyce (TikTok Creator @knitpurl) & Lars Laing-Peterson (musician)


March 31st, 2021

2 hrs 50 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Did we think TikTok would lead to us finding incredible guests and new friendships? No, but here we are! Our guests this week are Jen Joyce and Lars Laing-Peterson. This couple has a lot in common with your hosts: One extrovert, one not so much. Jen is known to many on TikTok as knitpurl where she's created her own special community of tattooed knitters, crocheters, and all things maker. But how did she land on OUR radar? By acknowledging and celebrating what's known as the "elder emo". What's an elder emo? Well, if you're of a certain age, poured over getting your hands on The latest Emo Diaries comp, sported a Quicksand pin on your gas station worker's jacket, and made sure to include Samiam on your mixtapes for that person you're crushin' on to give yourself the right kinda cred...then you're an elder emo. Beyond the music discussion, we're 2 couples getting to know one another and you're privy to the first time meeting. They're wonderful folks who we feel like we'd known for 20 years. We had a blast with them and you can expect us to do it again.
You can find Jen on TikTok (and Instagram & Twitter) at: @knitpurl and you can find Lars on Instagram at: @larsgarvey